Monday, May 27, 2013

This blog is moving [Update]

This blog is moving to a new location All the previous posts are avalible at the new adress. For now, I will keep the old site as an archive, but new material will be published in the new adress, so please change your bookmark and RSS-feed. The new site was designed by my talented friends Mansooreh Shahtalab and Hamed Khoramyar at Aivivid.

If you have comments on the new design, please share. I think it's an improvement over the old blog, though not quite right yet. I will play around with the design in the future. 

Update: New material on new page, including an new article by Assar Lindbeck discussing the economics of immigration. 


  1. Perhaps I'm a luddite, but I can't find the RSS feed for the new site.

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